Vedic Thai Yoga Massage

This is Shannon giving her very first Thai Massage. You can see here the client lays comfortable on a mat with Shannon doing the assistance.

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient form of Thai Bodywork based on passive yoga, deep stretches, and firm (acu) pressure. With stretching exercises, yoga poses, and pressure along specific energy channels (the so-called Sen Lines) Thai Massage helps us in being freed of physical, mental, and emotional blockages and tensions.

It is the holistic approach which can support the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes to start functioning in an optimal way. One could experience an improved balance, vitality, and flexibility.

Conforming to the tradition a Thai massage session is given fully dressed. The receiver as well as the therapist wear comfortable clothes. Generally, oils or herbs are not applied, and a session is given on the floor on a special mat.


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