Spiritual Tools

Spiritual Tools for your needs. All products include shipping in the price. If ordering more and shipping to the same place, please contact us for special pricing.


Essential oil roller infused with amethyst crystals. Used to promote a restful sleep. Comes with instructions


Throat Chakra Blanacing Oil

Personalized blend of essential oils for balancing the Throat Chakra. A person with a balanced Throat Chakra is centered, content, peaceful, speaks freely, honest and truthful, lives in the present moment. Reiki blessed and infused with real lavender buds and Lapis Luzi Crystals. Comes with a tumbled Blue Quartz crystal. Shipping included


Heart Chakra Balancing Oil Roller

A blend of essential oils to help balance the Heart Chakra. A person with a balanced Heart Chakra sees the good in everyone. They are empathetic, compassionate, friendly, outgoing, and secure with self. Roller is Reiki blessed. Infused with Aventaurine crystals. Roller comes with an Aventaurine Crystal to help strengthen the heart chakra. Shipping included


Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Oil Roller

Essential oil roller to balance the Solar Plexus chakra. A person with a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra has a strong sense of personal power, is outgoing, cheerful, relaxed, expressive, and likes challenges. Reiki blessed. Infused with Tigers Eye crystal and comes with a tumbled piece of Tigers Eye for mediation. Shipping included


Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Roller

Special blend of essential oils to balance the Sacral Chakra. A person with a balanced Sacral Chakra is friendly, charitable, funny, likes and loves self, intuitive, and interested in others. Reiki blessed and infused with carnelian crystals. Comes with a carnelian crystal for meditation. shipping included


Root Chakra Essential Oil Roller

Special Blend of essential oils to balanced the Root Chakra. A balanced root chakra will allow someone to feel grounded, centered, healthy, and take good care of their self. Reiki blessed and infused with red jasper. Comes with a tumbled Red Jasper for meditation. Shipping included


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