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Although these Social Media accounts may still be active, if you want the latest from Shannon, you won’t find it on the main social networks. If you already follow her on those socials you will begin to notice as 2022 progresses, Shannon won’t be as active on these platforms due to the overwhelming censorship and control the platforms have over creators and their content. For the most access to her content you will need to come back to her website. Joining the Pateron page and Discord Channel will give you a more personal connection with her.

Shannon’s intention is to give her community what they want; more guidance, content, and events and to do that means having more control over her content. She will be moving the majority of her content to this website, sharing exclusive content on the Pateron page and in her FREE Discord Channel.

For the latest news, Subscribe to her Email List and check out the Content Page, which will link you to all the Free Content you desire. In the meantime, give the socials a follow, but join the other communities as the transition begins.

You don’t want to miss being an OG Spiritual Gangsta.

Here are the different links to my social media accounts.


Become a Patreon and gain access to exclusive content, merchandise, and free readings from Shannon on a monthly basis.


Discord is a private server where community is built through chat, voice / sound events (where everyone can speak), and Shannon can create special “rooms” for specific members. It’s. Private community without big brother.


This is where Shannon posts the private video readings, shares content, and soon will be having Live Events. Give it a follow to build up the page so she can unlock more features.


Sharing general collective readings, highlights from events, hosting some live events.


This is Shannon’s business page for location, reviews, highlights from what’s going on, links to video content and more. If you haven’t, leave her a review to help others find a reputable spiritual healer.


Business mixed with pleasure. Give Shannon a follow and you will know about the latest events she will be at.


Looking for a place to leave a review? This is it!

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