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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I’m getting excited for the launch of my long overdue, Intuitive Coaching Program. As we get closer to launch day, expect a few more emails about the Intuitive Coaching Program to come. As a subscriber to the Spiritual Gangsta emails, you will be the first to learn about the program and have the opportunity to save 10% on any Coaching Package.

I, Shannon, had my first premonition at the age of 4, how does one explain this experience to myself, much less to other people? This was the very first time I subconsciously learned to hide my authenticity, I felt abandoned and cursed. I spent a life time of hiding and not understood my intuitive gifts.

I spent most of my life thinking I was depressed, suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, and thinking I was crazy. Besides not feeling as if I had anyone to help me I couldn’t find anyone who understood me. I spent the majority of my life faking it and secretly hating myself. I was so good at faking it, even I was fooled. I thought loving myself was doing something nice for myself, treating myself to something, setting a boundary with someone, etc, but honestly I had no idea to love myself. Maybe you can release. Like, what does it mean to love yourself? It wasn’t until 2015/16 when I really said enough was enough. I was done experiencing one sided relationships, partners who were emotionally unavailable, I didn’t want to keep looking in the mirror and not loving myself, I wanted to finally love life and absolutely experience joy every second of the rest of my journey.

My boys Atreyu & Kai 2016

One night, I put both my boys to bed, as I lay there, like every night for the past 6 months since the birth of my 2nd child, I began to cry. I slipped out of bed only to crawl to the corner and ball up to quietly sob. Sitting in the dark I looked over at my boys.

I let go of the victims mentality playing on repeat in my head. With tears still running down my face I was all in. From this day I decided to change everything. I was done suffering, done with half ass relationships and working my butt off just to wake up and do it again and again. I wanted to live life full of joy. I became my own mentor.

While being a single mom of 2 kids under the ages of 5, running my own business I began working through my shadows, developing my psychic abilities, and deepening my connection to Source. I was going through a deeper Dark Night of the Soul. While going through this, I had no one to help or guide me; I only had my own devices, guidance from others who had never experienced what I was going through, and the highly misguided internet.

I learned everything I could on how to master my awakening, heal my triggers, raise my vibration, and deepen my connection to Source. It was a mission without guidance yet I figured out the formula. In a short time I was losing weight, people were noticing me, I was happy, I was experiencing so many synchronized events and I blessed to sit with Source.

Since then, I have been using the same techniques with hundreds of my clients and like me, they began seeing changes in their own lives. Blockages were removed, triggers healed, and tools given for for them to use for the future. Now they were out of victim mentality, they were able to rise their vibration and feel more joy in their lives.

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