Full Spiritual Alignment

A Full Spiritual Alignment will consist of many Spiritual Therapies to address your needs. Each Session is different due to individual misalignments.

During the session some we will: Align and remove any blockages in your Chakras.

Clear your Aura from any residual energy.

Cut any cords of negative attachment.

Deliver any Intuitive messages I receive.

During the session the use of Reiki, Herbs, Crystals, Aroma, Sound, & Cards can be used. If you have any objection to any of these therapies, please tell us prior.

In Person Full Spiritual Alignment

45min – $77 60min – $99

90min – $120

Distance Spiritual Alignment

Distance Spiritual Alignment is for those who live outside of the Palm Beach County area and are unable to come to our location. All services will be performed via energy and prayer.

Therapies are done everyday for 1 week. At the end of the week readings and intuitive messages can be sent via YouTube video or a written email. You can ask up to 7 questions for intuitive messages.

Total cost is $222

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