Full Spiritual Alignment

During a Full Spiritual Alignment a combination of techniques will be used to clean the aura, repair aura holes, clear and balance chakras, remove any negative cords of attachment, deliver message from Source or crossed over loved ones.

Shannon uses her skills in Reiki, Aroma, Smoke, Crystals, Sound, Vibrational and Massage Therapy address your Mind, Body, & Soul needs. Each Session is different due to individual misalignments.

In Person Full Spiritual Alignment

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Distance Spiritual Alignment

Distance Spiritual Alignment is for those who live outside of the Palm Beach County area and are unable to come to our location.

Distance Spiritual Alignment is just as effective as in person. We will schedule a time when you are to receive the distance therapy so you can sit and relax as the energy connection is made. You can select from the simple session,which is quick and usually focused on a specific area, or the intensive session for deeper therapy.

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Intensive Distance Spiritual Alignment

Therapies are done everyday for 1 week. At the end of the week readings and intuitive messages can be sent via YouTube video, email, phone call, or video chat. You can ask up to 7 questions for intuitive messages or receive general messages from Source, Your Guides, and/or past loved ones.

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