Spiritual Alignment

Imagine if you had the power to hit the reset button on your life and start fresh. How liberating would that be? With Shannon’s Spiritual Alignment, you can experience a true transformation of your mind, body, and soul. Shannon combines a range of techniques, including Reiki, aroma therapy, smoke therapy, crystal healing, sound therapy, vibrational therapy, and massage to cleanse and balance your aura, repair any holes, remove negative attachments, and deliver messages from the source or loved ones who have passed on. Each session is unique and tailored to your specific needs, so you can feel a renewed sense of peace and clarity after every session. Experience a fresh perspective and a sense of inner peace with Shannon’s Spiritual Alignment, book today.

In Person Spiritual Alignment

If you are in Palm Beach County you are able to have the above mentioned treatment in person. You can book a single session and if you would like more than 1 session look below at the Intensive Healing Session.

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Distance Spiritual Alignment

Are you unable to visit us in Palm Beach County for a Spiritual Alignment session? No problem! Our distance Spiritual Alignment service is just as effective as an in-person session. We’ll schedule a time for you to sit back and relax as we connect with you remotely. Choose from our simple session, which is perfect for addressing a specific issue, or our intensive session for more in-depth therapy. With our distance service, you can receive the benefits of a Spiritual Alignment no matter where you are.

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Intensive Spiritual Alignment

Are you ready to take your Spiritual Alignment journey to the next level? Our intensive Spiritual Alignment package is perfect for those who want a deeper, longer-lasting transformation. This option is available both in-person over the course of 5 days or remotely via video call for 7 days. During these daily sessions, you’ll receive everything included in our standard Alignment package, but with the added benefit of sustained support and guidance. Don’t just settle for a single session – take the time to truly transform with our Intensive Spiritual Alignment package.

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