Q: How can I book an appointment with you?

A: The best way is to book online… click here

Q: What type of services do you offer?

A: Massage, Reiki, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Energy work, Spiritual Guidance, Mediumship, Tarot Readings, Intuitive Readings, Smoke Baths, Candle Work…. learn more at http://anchoredsoultherapy.com

Q: What are your prices for readings?

A: I offer in person, video/phone calls, or written email readings. They are all priced differently, you can see the descriptions and prices here.

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple people booking a reading?

A: No. You can catch free general readings on Instagram.

Q: Can you answer 1 psychic question for free?

A: No. Readings take time and energy for me. If you are unsure about my abilities you can check out my reviews on Instagram stories, Facebook, etc.

Q: Can I book a Spiritual Alignment with a Reading?

A: Yes, the Spiritual Alignment already comes with time for a reading, but if you would like additional time it can be added on.

Q: Is it better for me to come to you or you to come to me for the Spiritual Alignment?

A: It is your choice: if you come to me I am located in West Palm Beach and you save a travel fee. If I come to you the travel fee for Palm Beach County is $25, Broward is $50, Dade is $100. Also if I come to you, you need to be ok with me using smoke and sound in the home.

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