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What up Gangstas, I’m Spiritual Gangsta, Shannon. I am the founder, owner, and sole creator of Anchored Soul Therapy. Here you can find all my “social media” content and more,

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  • Leo Season Energy
    Leo Season runs July 22 – Aug 22. During this time we get to experience the fun boisterous playful Leo energy. Leo energy always gives us great ambition to find […]
  • Blog
  • Removing Draining Energetic Cords
    Are You Being Drained Through Energetic Cords Do you often feel drained after going out in public or being around other people? Do you find yourself attached to people whom […]
  • The pain of Awakening. April 12, 2019
    Today I meditated as uusual, but I felt a direction being given to me subconsciously. During my meditation I stepped into 5D. It was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. All these […]
  • The Real Mission of Twinflames.
    From the very beginning of our adolescence we are flooded with stories, movies, and this concept of finding the fairy tale romance with a perfect partner. From a very young […]
  • Group Services
    Gather your friends and enjoy a day of Spiritual Cleansing and Healing. We bring everything to you, making the day stress free. You and all attendees will be left with […]
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