April 12, 2019

Today I meditated as uusual, but I felt a direction being given to me subconsciously. During my meditation I stepped into 5D. It was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. All these glimpses I’ve been having while driving, portals into other deminsions opening…. it was now here, in my living room and I have full access. IContinue reading “April 12, 2019”

The Real Mission of Twinflames.

From the very beginning of our adolescence we are flooded with stories, movies, and this concept of finding the fairy tale romance with a perfect partner. From a very young age we idealize love and romance and correlate it to our worth. Placing our value within other peoples hands. Which, in turn makes us spendContinue reading “The Real Mission of Twinflames.”

Is Karma about to show her face with the upcoming Planetary Alignments?

The second half of July through August has some very powerful planetary aspects happening one right after another, with very little room to breathe. Have you been living in your integrity for the past 7 months or have you been living in the lower vibrations of yourself? Lying, cheating, trying to manipulate situations, and doingContinue reading “Is Karma about to show her face with the upcoming Planetary Alignments?”

Baby Bottom Fresh Baby Powder

Have you seen all the articles out there about the toxic ingredients in some of the most popular baby powders? A very common ingredient in the popular name brand powders is TALC. Talc, aka Talcum Powder, is mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. As a powder, it absorbs moisture, cut downContinue reading “Baby Bottom Fresh Baby Powder”

My Oily Things to Support a Natural Birth

As you may have read in my other post, Essentials for a Natural Birth, during my first son’s birth I didn’t use essential oils to comfort me. This time I am more than ready to have some of my favorite things on hand to help me with this beautiful transition in my life. After researching severalContinue reading “My Oily Things to Support a Natural Birth”

Essentials for a Natural Birth

For the birth of my first son, I was not as experienced in all the benefits of essential oils. Over these years I have learned more and now know I am able to use them during my labor and delivery of my second child. YAY! I have been reading a ton of articles, posts, &Continue reading “Essentials for a Natural Birth”

Natural Baby Products

As I began using herbs and essential oils I started researching ingredients on the labels of all my beauty products. So many of the products I used were fill of chemicals. Reading extensively about the chemicals and what using them long term could do to my health, I had to change some things. Our skinContinue reading “Natural Baby Products”