Maybe you should go Ground Yourself! – It’s not what our momma told you –

Maybe you heard the phrase. “go ground yourself’” but do you really know what that means? We aren’t talking about punishment when you were a kid. Grounding is becoming more and more popular another name for grounding is earthing.


Do you want to feel healthier and happier? Research has shown it can help people heal mentally and physically! Grounding helps one become healthier, happier and they even can assist in lost weight. Ever feel like you just aren’t getting the quality of rest when you sleep? Grounding has been shown to improve overall sleep quality.


Earthing means putting your body in direct contact with the earth. I know what you’re thinking- you are in contact with earth all the time right? Well, things like concrete and shoes can interfere with how your body absorbs the earth’s vibrational frequencies. The best way to get the benefits of grounding is to go barefoot or wear natural shoes on grass or any of the earth’s natural surfaces, especially soil or sand.


Experts are still debating the health advantages of earthing, and each person responds a bit differently, but people who do it have reported several benefits:

• Reduced inflammation in the body

• Decreased pain, stress, and jet lag

• Better sleep

• More energy

• Normalized blood pressure

• Faster healing

• Fewer headaches

• Less muscle tension


It’s easy to do grounding if you live near a forest, park, beach, or even if you have a backyard. But how can you do it if you live in a big city without easy access to nature?

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, earthing is as simple as going barefoot in the sand as often as possible. Start with whatever works for you and your schedule. I usually try to get in 30 minutes a day, but some days I only manage 15 minutes.

In order for it to be most effective, you can’t wear shoes or socks because your skin needs to be in contact with the sand for best results.

If you live near a park or natural preserve, try to occasionally walk barefoot on the soil.

Another option is to play in the grass in your backyard at home.

You can also buy earthing mats or sheets to use indoors. These are usually sold as kits and don’t require dirt or soil. They look like doormats, but they’re electrically conductive.

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