Here are 3 ways you are Avoiding Shadow Work.

Shadow work is the intentional act of healing from our past wounds. Shadow work is exploration of yourself while you get in touch with hidden parts of your subconscious and all emotions you’ve repressed. Shadow work isn’t a punishment or a damning process, it can be uncomfortable, because what growth is comfortable? Ultimately shadow work is a beneficial healing process that validates the wounded inner child and brings awareness to the overprotective ego. Shadow work is used as a spiritual counterpart for your path to Enlightenment and quite honestly, you don’t get far after awakening if you aren’t doing any shadow work.

Now, let’s talk about the 3 top ways you are avoiding this critical step along you Spiritual Journey.

Avoidant Number 1: Avoiding Feelings

Ever been told your feelings are too much? Have you ever been told to suck it up or just get over it? If you said YES, keep reading.

In a world where we are conditioned to believe expressing our emotions is unacceptable, Feeling your feelings may be the hardest part of Shadow work, but it the most critical. Shadow work is about introspection and to introspect you have to truly feel what you are feeling. You can’t run from it or brush it under the rug. This step is scary for most because our feelings can be so big and layered. You may feel a mix of emotions like anger, sadness, and disappointment in regard to one single incident; it can be overwhelming. Emotions can be so sudden and explosive, too. It may feel nearly impossible to detach from yourself or the situation to examine why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling.

Is this resonating? One of the best ways I have found to help with this is to take up a daily journaling practice. Journaling will allow you to sort through what you’re feeling in a safer, more controlled environment. You’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge what you’re feeling and put a name on each one.

Avoidant number 2: Judging

Have you ever wrote or said something and then went back over it critizing yourself wishing you said something different? Have you ever wrote a message to someone only to erase it or throw it out because you thought it sounded wrong or worse, stupid? This is judgement. You aren’t alone, keep reading to learn more.

Many people get their emotions out and then begin to criticize their own feelings. This can immediately put a halt on your journey. Once you put a name to your emotions, acknowledge them without judgment. Simply witness yourself in those moments. Instead of getting angry at yourself for feeling “negative” emotions, sit with yourself and acknowledge the feelings. Tell your fears hello and invite them to sit with you for a moment! Hear out ego in a neutral way. What is your ego saying? This may seem counterintuitive, but validate yourself from this place. Remember the ego only wants to protect you. Hear your ego and thank it for trying to protect you. Ego simply wants to be heard.

Number 3: Not looking for the root cause.

Ever think to yourself, well that’s so long ago I don’t need to worry about it? Or what’s in the past is in the past, ill just move on. Sometimes we want to dismiss the feelings by saying these things. Allowing ourselves to look for the root cause we can the understand ourselves at a deeper level and stop making excuses like, “this is just how I am” and actually release the past.

Ask yourself some of these questions to help you get to the root of an emotion. Why is ego rushing to your defense at this moment? Why are you feeling anger, sadness, fear, and disappointment? Is there an aspect of seeking power and control here? Is there a victim mentality at the center of your internal chaos? Looking all the way back to the first time we felt scared, abandoned, angry, ostracized, or hurt can show us what story the ego has been weaving as a means of protection. Allow time and space to fully process what you’re feeling.

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