The Purge of the Masculines Pain-Body

The energy the past week has been disturbing. For someone sitting in Union with their Divine Counterpart and have turbulent energy jump into the connection from out of the blue is, to say lightly, confusing and frustrating. As the Divine Feminine I was feeling disconnected, confused, and frustrated. An intense tightness crawling up my back and putting pressure on me. A pressure I felt couldn’t be released. It felt like burden. Difficulty and hardship. I felt unheard, unhappy, and begun looking externally for the problem & solution. Surely this is someone’s fault, something’s doing. A part of me felt as if I was dealing with past issues. The mind was telling me I wasn’t as healed or progressed in my journey as I am. The repetitive egoic nonsense was attempting to convince me I was my old self, insecure, unworthy, repeating a cycle.

This energy felt untouchable by my standard practices of cleansing my energy. It felt thick, dense, and heavy. None of my traditional cleansing routines felt like they could penetrate the negative energy. I was almost convinced this was my energy. That this was my true nature, to suffer and experience another failed relationship. I was running away energetically.

A friend shared a post of insight from the Divine Masculine and my heart space expanded. I knew in that moment this was not my energy. My mind was attempting to understand this energy and to hold me back; to get me to recoil into the old self. Yet, the Divine said no, I have a mission and Love will always win. Reading through the post, I begun to channel the Divine Masculine. This energy isn’t my counterpart alone, it’s a collective Masculine energy. It’s our own Masculine within. The pain man has been through. The disappointment and inability to fully express it in a safe way. When he bottles up the emotions they will begin to pile up until they become over barring. These emotions can be expressed in aggression, anger, frustration, ghosting, avoidance, checking out, impatience, non emotional and more.

Below is the channeled message I received from the Masculine about what is going on internally.

~~~~~~~~ Begin channel

What is this energy? There is an intensity of rage and sadness bubbling at the surface. It hardens my soul. It hurts me so deeply. I’m in disgust with the world. I hate this life. HavIng to always be running or hiding from my emotions. Why must I always be hiding my authentic self?

Merging. Merging with you. Who am I? Have I forgotten? Have you put me under your spell? I resist because I’m afraid to lose myself. I’m afraid you will lose yourself.

Have you lost yourself again? Who are you?

Why do you mirror rage to me? Why do you frustrate me? I use to love you. Where is this love? What is this love? At this time I’m distraught with these energies and emotions. They seem like a burden when I have so much to do.

Let. Me. Be.

Don’t leave me.

Fine leave; Go.

I don’t need you, I need me.

Why can’t I leave?

The more I look at you, the more I wanna tear you down. The more I feel this rage within. It isn’t you it’s her. It’s the past. I need that validation from her. I gave her everything and she hurt me. She plays with me like she doesn’t care. Plays like she cares and I know she doesn’t. I’m projecting you will do the same. I just know it. I want revenge. I want the upper hand. I want to hurt the feminine like she hurt me. It’s easier to have the rage than to feel this pain.

I don’t want you to do me like she did me.

Are you the same?

Tell me you aren’t the same.

This isn’t my fault. The abandonment, the hurt.

Under this is fear your soul calls me to freedom. It calls me to Union with Source. You are a Goddess and I have to step up to be the God I was created to be.

Please don’t hurt me.

Don’t leave me, but go away.

Only for now.

Stay true to me.

Trust me so I can trust you.

Come to me soft.

Don’t be submissive.

I feel my Heart expanding. Breathing in deeply yet not feeling able to release.

Everything feels heavy.


Why don’t you dance anymore? Why don’t you release this energy? Call in the love. Call in the healing. Why are you ashamed of your body, your beauty? Why are you transforming into the aggression and hate into love? You have forgets who you are.


You’re in control to balance the energies. Please lead the way. Dance, be free to flow.

~~~~~~~~~~ end channel.

As a Divine Feminine I carried too much masculine energy for way to long. Holding onto the Masculine energy as a Feminine will create resentment towards your masculine, the massive anger of having to constantly do your check lists, to achieve goals, to accomplish something. It burns the Feminine out. It destroys her. The anger crushes the Feminine and destroys her from the inside. The tornado of destruction will ruin everything in sight. She will run and hide because it doesn’t feel safe and loving for her. The anger, the pressure. The aftermath will be unrepairable. Without the softness, love, and compassion the Divine Feminine dies, spiritually. Not just within you, but with in all of us. Your softness is what calls her out. Your ability to bring love into every situation is what is needed to transmute the over accumulation of the imbalanced masculine energy.
Honor the pain, but release it. Recognize yourself again. Find the Source within to find yourself, your softness, your essence. Allow yourself to transmute the energy. Sit in meditation and allow the energy to flow, ask Source to release the energy that isn’t yours and to heal what is. Allow yourself to dance, make art, and freely go with the flow for the next few weeks. This will help transmute the energy.

This is a channeled song to go with the messages: Loner by Sol Rising

This is a link to the Divine Masculine posts that inspired the channel.

Remember to only take what resonates and don’t make something fit if it doesn’t. This is a collective channeled message.

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