Leo Season Energy

Leo Season runs July 22 – Aug 22.

During this time we get to experience the fun boisterous playful Leo energy. Leo energy always gives us great ambition to find play in our everyday life. Leo is loyal to their tribe and values. Carrying bold authorities, confident energy and it tends to run hot and bright.

Early August brings some temperamental Mars energy, so be careful of your temper. August 7, Saturn, the restrictive “no” planet, comes into the picture to make us feel like we haven’t gotten anywhere. You may feel like you are back at the beginning with something. This energy is asking us to use more creative thinking to resolve things. Word of caution is to take it slow, don’t blaze through things like you want to with this Leo energy present.

On August 18 Venus moves into Leo and it will create a supportive aspect with Jupiter in Aries, helping us with the creative process and sprinkling in fun.

As much fun and creative energy Leo season provides we must also be aware of the Leo shadows. Tempers are high, rage, reactive, vanity, etc. be careful of the urge to give into these energies. When they come us do something different. Take space before surrendering into the lower energies.

Leo in Tarot

Where can you find Leo in Tarot? None other than the Strength Card! The Strength card represents your strength to overcome the ego. To have control or “strength” over your addictions; sex, drugs, money, behaviors, egoic thoughts. The Strength card shows your emotional, mental and spiritual power to overcome problems and obstacles. (Some also link the Sun card to Leo Energy)

Enjoy the month Gangstas! Spiritual Gangsta Shannon❤️⚓️

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