The pain of Awakening. April 12, 2019

Today I meditated as uusual, but I felt a direction being given to me subconsciously. During my meditation I stepped into 5D. It was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. All these glimpses I’ve been having while driving, portals into other deminsions opening…. it was now here, in my living room and I have full access. I felt absolutely elated and a sense of joyful stillness enveloped my being. How beautiful this teasure was.

Then, I was led to visions of the future. I became aware of the direction the Earth was going… towards it’s death… towards war.
I saw nuclear war and the earth die, along with everyone here. It was black, burnt, and vastly empty. My whole being was cold and terrified. I came out of meditation crying and mourning the loss of the Earth. I realized during this meditation that this nucular war ahead of us would not only be the ending of Earth, but ending of our people and would spread through to the galaxy. The death of Mother Earth was death of all Starseeds and would ultimately be the beginning of an unstoppable end.

I realized the mission of many of us light workers, empaths, starseeds, way showers… etc… which are here on Earth. We are here to awaken everyone to their Feminine Energy and allow them to realize the Connection we all have to each other. That all the destruction and hate… is all false. It is only our darkest of falsehoods to come into our reality. Yet, none of it is real. Only Pure Unconditional Love is truth. Everything else is only around to help aid the destruction.

So how am I to help? How am I to awaken others without running around screaming, “the sky is falling?” How can I share that Unconditional Love is truth, when I, myself, don’t fully grasp that concept.

And there laid the foundation for my mission. Find Unconditional Love of self, fully embody the knowing, and then share the love wth others so they can become the love as well. This will allow the destruction to halt and save the Earth.

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