The Real Mission of Twinflames.

From the very beginning of our adolescence we are flooded with stories, movies, and this concept of finding the fairy tale romance with a perfect partner. From a very young age we idealize love and romance and correlate it to our worth. Placing our value within other peoples hands. Which, in turn makes us spend a mass majority of our life searching for something outside ourselves.

Most of us spend our lives searching for this perfect person to fill our voids, heal our childhood wounds of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and other shadow parts of ourselves we keep hidden from people. When we do this, we can, unknowingly, put a ton of pressure on our partners and the relationship we are trying to build with them. This is a recipe for disaster, because most of us are dealing with our own wounds and not equipped to heal others.

During my journey as a Twinflame I have come across even more people romanticizing the Twinflame Union as this ultimate love. Once again, making partnership the main goal. People are exploiting the purpose of Twins. Exploiting the idea of love. I wont lie, I’ve fallen for it. I’m sure my friends and family think I’m nuts, but that’s ok, because I’ve accepted my crazy.

One if the hardest things I have had to do is, to let go of the conditions society has placed in my young mind of what love should look like. To let go of the worry about my “love life” not looking perfect or like everyone else’s. Releasing the thought that my worth is how someone else treats or shows they love me.

What I’ve come to realize is, the Twinflame jorney is not about Union. It is so much more than yourself. If you are a Twin, you will feel that, deep in your Soul. You know there is a deeper purpose for you. Regardless if you haven’t met your Twin, are in seperation, or any of the countless other scenarios going on, if you are a Twin your Soul has a deeper purpose beyond yourself, beyond a romantic partnership.

Being a Twin is about loving and accepting yourself. Healing your childhood wounds. Accepting and loving yourself. For love is a state of being, not a person. Love is a vibration. It’s a state of being.

You won’t find your worth in someone else. You wont find happiness or love in someone else. Of course, finding a partner and being in a relationship can make you happy and have the euphoric feelings associated with those of love, but if you don’t love yourself, the feelings can disappear.

Break free of this concept of finding another person to value you so you can be in love. Wake everyday and feel the vibration of love within yourself. Start loving yourself, truly loving yourself and watch your whole world change.

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