Is Karma about to show her face with the upcoming Planetary Alignments?

The second half of July through August has some very powerful planetary aspects happening one right after another, with very little room to breathe. Have you been living in your integrity for the past 7 months or have you been living in the lower vibrations of yourself? Lying, cheating, trying to manipulate situations, and doing unethical acts are some of the examples of negative actions you could of been doing for the last 7 months. If you haven’t taken the proper steps to correct your behavior, actions, and the negativity you brought into your own life or the lives of people around you, before July 10th, then, you may feel the ramifications of these actions soon. If you have been living in your integrity then, you may not bare the front of these transformations, but you may witness others around you dealing with them.

Currently the Sun is in Cancer – teaching us about emotions, nurturing family, anything relating to the home, and enjoying good food. Recently, on July 8th we experienced the full moon in Capricorn, this was the beginning of illumination. Where the splitting up of the awakened and the un-awakened people began. Those of different vibrations began to go in different directions, such as, the ones standing in their integrity and those not.

On July 20th the Sun in Cancer squares Uranus in Aires. Uranus is the Awakener and while in Aires it is a loose cannon. Unpredictable, disruptive, indicating great personal ingenuity, and the tendency to seek change regardless of the cost. Also on this day Mars enters Leo making us more dramatically assertive, creative, and passionate, yet, attracted to power. This  brings internal conflicts of who you are in the home and who you present yourself to the outside world. For example, if you have been living 2 separate lives, all of a sudden you will have a wake up call at the core of who you are. Who is the real you? The person you are behind closed doors or the person you show the world? Decide now, because soon the world will see the truth.

If that isn’t enough turmoil for your inner self to be tossing around, On July 21st the Sun in Cancer trines Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, ruling suffering, healing, dilemmas, initiation, and integration. While in Pisces it will show us wounds as to loss of Union with the Divine and bringing healing through recognizing our true self as divine and integrating it into our lives.

During July 23 – Aug 22 the Sun will go into Leo. Leo rules our appearance, ego, creativity, romance, the heart, gossip, money, and children. Mercury rules communication, travel, thought, and reasoning. While Mercury is in Leo it rules creative communication and confidence. People will form firm opinions quickly and hold onto them. Mars rules our will, assertion, action, and passion. So to stay on the positive side of this Leo, Mercury, Mars energy, where the ego and temper can get out of control, practice self love, but stay conscious of your ego. Practice patience when communicating with others.

On July 24th, Venus in Gemini will be opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. That charming, chatty Venus in Gemini, causes one to be fickle in love, falling in and out of love easily, and crap talk everyone. Saturn in Sagittarius pushes us more onto our traditional rigid belief systems. Once this opposing energy comes together on the 24th there may be issues regarding your core values and love, making you go internally to discover the truth and to communicate those truths. Anything false and any relationships built on false foundations will come to light and be triggered for some type of resolution. All the falsehood could come for the world to see by Aug 22nd if not taken care of properly.

Standing in your integrity yet?

July 25th Mercury will enter Virgo. Mercury is the Messenger. It rules  travel, learning, knowledge, thought, and all things to do with communication, good or bad. When Mercury enters into Virgo it is quick witted and perceptive, yet, communication can be discriminating and over critical while becoming bogged down in details.

Here comes the Wounder Healer again for round 2. This time with Uranus, the Awakener. On July 29th Chiron Semi-Sextiles Uranus. You will focus on new ways to heal the mind and physical body, yet, understand that the healing process you are going through never truly ends. We are broken at times so we can awaken to a higher, truer, spiritual self. This will cause many to turn to spirituality as a healing tool. Meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices will be heightened. A tendency to turn to substances will be heightened at this time for those looking to escape and not go through the healing process.

On July 24th Mercury in Leo trines Uranus in Aires. With Mercury beginning to effect our communications and travels, there may be some unexpected supportive energy and news about identity, children, love, creativity, and risk taking. Have you been seeking for the truth? This is going to be the time when you finally receive it…. are you ready for it?

July 30th brings up the time to make that decision you have been putting off. Venus in Gemini will be squaring Chiron in Pisces – have you learned your lesson yet? This is where you the final opportunity to lesson the ramifications of your negative actions or the negative actions of others around you. Its all about healing, love, gain, self value, psychic, intuition. Are you going to be sitting back and saying I should of never gotten involved in that situation, because I have lost ———-! Or saying this is what is causing me pain, heartache, & possibly depression. Around the 30th hopefully you will learn these lessons and look at your partnerships, romance, communication, and money making in better ways.

Around this time is also where we are going to notice the people of different energy vibrations splitting. Where the people who were standing in their integrity and working for the positive drift apart from those who were lying, manipulating, and taking advantage of others. If you have shown someone you have no self control or no respect for them, you will be removed from the situation. You may get angry or frustrated by the truth you see about someone, yet you dig for it to get it. Then, you will realize your intuition was right. Once you realize this, move on and let them go.

The first 3 weeks of August, Uranus is stationing retrograde in Aires. This will put pressure on us to stand in our integrity and allow us to have new beginnings. Once it stations, be prepared for the unexpected, because everyone’s true identity will be shown to the world. Have you been living at your highest integrity or are you telling lies to manipulate the situation? Anything unethical will be shown to the world and it will be too late to fix anything.

On August 4th Pluto in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra while Saturn goes direct. This is when all the things we have been hiding and keeping secret will come to the front. Saturn will put justice to the highest degree. People may think they are being unfairly judged, but all that is evil and unjust will come to the surface to be dealt with.

The Full Moon Eclipse happens on August 7th. Those whom have Sun, Moon, or Rising Aquarian signs may feel these aspects very strongly. During an Eclipse something or someone may be taken out of your life. If you have been working in your highest vibration then something that is of the lowest vibration to you will be removed for your higher good and vice verse, if you have been working out of your lowest vibration, be prepared to say good bye to something in your life which was of your highest good.

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Aug 15th. Capricorn rules love, harmony, small financial gain, and home. Pluto is the lord of the underworld, helping us discover hidden things. So you may find out something hidden about your home, status, career, or love life. This is an opportunity to look at what is brought out in front of you and weight out the options to handle it. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, yet, sometimes, opposites attract… Something will be coming to light about hidden matters of the home, immoral things, and things that can effect your money.

On August 21st the Solar Eclipse is in Leo. The eclipse energy will last for 2 weeks before and after the actual date of the eclipse. There will be no sun, no light, all of which Leo rules. This could directly effect a Leo person in your life. If that person has been doing good then positive things will flow to them.  If not, then be prepared for them to be eclipsed out of something.

August 22nd Black Moon Lilith will be conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Lilith is about truth, all that is right, and she struggles for perfection. She shows matters for how they truly are. Lilith, in karmic astrology is about detachment. Whatever we formed strong attachments to that hold us back from spiritual progress, must be detached from and experienced in universal light. These things will be brought to a point of discomfort so we no longer ignore them. Saturn is all about control, boundaries, structure, and doing things right. When these two energies come together they strive for purity, and clarity, bringing our shadow self to the surface to be healed. If one is not on the positive side of this energy, depression can be felt deep within. Discussions regarding relationships, lies, deceit, manipulation and all other falsehoods will come out to the front to be dealt with.

Also, on the 22nd Saturn will be conjunct with Lilith in Sagittarius. When you have this, Saturn will push Lilith’s thoughts of not allowing anyone to get away with lies and deceit. Both planets push people to stand in their integrity and follow the rules or get knocked back.

August 24th Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aires. Love, harmony, and home will be in conflict with your identity. If you are in a situation regarding home or love and you aren’t in it for true core values, you aren’t in it happily anymore, get ready to be faced with conflict and forced to make a decision about it. If your identity is conflicting with who you love, if who you love is causing drama in your life, if who you love is sacrificing you for their ego, get ready for it to come to the surface and be shown for a resolution.

Finally on August 28th Jupiter in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, the day after Saturn goes direct. Justice will be served on a silver platter. People have been fighting for the truth, for their self worth, and showing how they value themselves.

Have you shown the positive or negative side of yourself?

Are you ready for your justice to be served?

I am.


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