Baby Bottom Fresh Baby Powder

Have you seen all the articles out there about the toxic ingredients in some of the most popular baby powders?

A very common ingredient in the popular name brand powders is TALC. Talc, aka Talcum Powder, is mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. As a powder, it absorbs moisture, cut down on friction, and helps to prevent rashes. Besides baby powder it is also found in a wide variety of cosmetic products. This TALC seems harmless, but more and more studies are coming up saying there are links to this ingredient and Ovarian Cancer, Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer, and possibly more conditions. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want myself, let alone, my child exposed to ingredients which cause such illnesses.

Here is a natural alternative to baby powder you find in the stores.

Gather your ingredients:

imageThis makes (6) 3oz shakers
18oz Arrow Root Powder
4 tbsp Chamomile Powder
4 tbsp Comfry Leaf Powder
4 ml of Calendula Oil
10 drops of Melaleuca Oil
(6) 3oz shaker top bottles


image                                                                   image


Mix all ingredients together in large bowl, breaking up any small balls from the liquid ingredients.


Fill the containers with powder.


Label and you are Done!


Use after each diaper change like you would any other powder. You can also use this for yourself to help maintain freshness when it it needed.

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