Essentials for a Natural Birth

For the birth of my first son, I was not as experienced in all the benefits of essential oils. Over these years I have learned more and now know I am able to use them during my labor and delivery of my second child. YAY!

I have been reading a ton of articles, posts, & suggestions, but the truth is, not many people have experience of using them during this time in their life. So, I have been reading books, smelling oils, and compiling a lot of things to help me.

I am hoping to have a Natural Birth, like I did with my first son. This time I am living 2.5 hours away from where I am delivering. I searched for midwifes and natural birthing centers near me, but honestly, I had so much anxiety about delivering with someone else, I had to see the same person. Although, many are concerned about when I’ll go into labor and if I’ll be driving while having contractions… I’m really not trying to focus on that part of the equation. I know I can’t plan everything that could happen with this baby, including when he decides to show up. So I’m focusing on the things we all should do to prep for the day we head off to meet the little one. I have bags to pack, a house to prepare for the new baby, work, and research of the oils I will have to support my journey.

I have come up with a list of the things I wish I had at my 1st child’s birth, the things the birth center asked me for, and some of my favorites I did have the first time around.

Mom’s Birth Center Bag: 

  1. 2 packages of Chux pads ( known as Large underpads) – These are flat sheets that cover the bed and are essential.
  2. 1 Package of Adult Diapers – These seem silly to think of, but they saved me all day when my 1st son was born… I was able to go out and do things since my water “slowly leaked” out the day of his birth. They will also be great for the ride to or from the birth center to protect your clothes and car seats.
  3. Peri bottle – for using to help keep things clean after delivery.
  4. Drinks for mom during labor, delivery, & postpartum. Water and 2 juices. I’m packing a 6 pack of my favorite water and some ________. To help me recover after delivery.
  5. A postpartum meal high in protein. I will need to eat before I can leave the center. Last time I had dad run out to a near by restaurant. I will be checking near by places and setting some money in an envelope for this, but if its too late I’ll have something easy to cook up in the center’s microwave.
  6. 3 or more comfortable panties. – I received these mesh underwear from a friend the first time around…. I am totally bringing more of them. They are great, breathable, and no worries if you get some stuff on them, because you just toss them in the trash.
  7. Change of clothes – think going home outfit and yes, I will be wearing maternity clothes. I’ll be tired so I’ll want to go straight home and sleep. Yoga pants to the rescue!
  8. Bathing suit top since I will be laboring in the pool. I would love to have a water birth, but we will see if it happens.
  9. Personal Hygiene items, shampoo/conditioner, hairbrush, hair ties, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, makeup. – So I can freshen up before heading home.
  10. Comfortable walking shoes/slippers. I like socks with the grippers on the bottom!
  11. Essential Oils – for the diffuser, for managing my pain, and to help keep me calm and motivated. Learn more about the specific oils I’m bringing here!
  12. A diffuser – my midwife says they have one on hand, Ill be checking to see if it is as strong as mine before I bring mine.
  13. A heating pad – this can be heated up in the microwave and used as a compression on my back to help alleviate the discomfort I feel.
  14. Music and speakers – Music will be on my phone and Ill hook it up to some portable speakers to help me relax.
  15. Electronics – Camera with battery, charger, and memory card, phone charger.


Baby’s Bag

  1. 2 – 3 outfits for the baby, including socks and hats for the ride home. Since I wont know how big the baby is going to be I have packed (2) 0-3m outfits. 1 dressy outfit if its day time and 1 warm pajama outfit if its night time.
  2. 6 diapers and some wipes. Again, I don’t know the size of the baby so I packed 3 NB & 3 size 1 diapers. I plan on cloth diapering, but those first poops from the baby will surely stain the diapers, so I like to use disposables in the beginning. I packed a travel size pack of wipes.
  3. 2-3 receiving blankets. They will use them to wrap the baby in the beginning and may toss them out so don’t bring something you plan on keeping or making a memory keepsake. I would save that for the first few days after the delivery.
  4. Carseat with manual! – Don’t forget this or you won’t be heading home! Make sure you practice installing it in and out of the car prior to the birth.
  5. Bathing items – if you want the baby washed before heading home you can bring your own bathing supplies – towel, washcloth, and soap. There are benefits to not washing the baby for 48 hours, but depending on the amount of vernix caseosa on my son will determine if I give him a bath or not. My first son didn’t have much on him at all so we waited only a few hours before only wiping him with a soft, lightly moistened, cloth.
  6. I am also packing some q-tips and essential oils for the cord care.

Daddy’s Bag

  1. Change of clothes
  2. Swimsuit if getting in the water with mom
  3. Snacks and drinks
  4. Phone charger



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