Natural Baby Products

As I began using herbs and essential oils I started researching ingredients on the labels of all my beauty products. So many of the products I used were fill of chemicals. Reading extensively about the chemicals and what using them long term could do to my health, I had to change some things.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Doesn’t it make sense that everything we put on our skin is passed onto other parts of the body. In 1984 an article combines multiple studies and concludes “…that skin penetration rates for solvents are remarkably high.”* This is why it is highly important that we pay attention to what we are putting onto our skin. The more we learn about the ingredients, the more we learn about the problems they are causing us. Now we are learning about the complications of a very popular ingredient in baby powder, Talc, not only for the user, but the person applying it to a baby. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to risk putting my child, or myself, at risk for these issues.

When I began researching these chemicals I was not a mother, but I was a Aunt to 9 awesome kids. I wanted to share with my family and friends about the natural options available. I began making natural baby products and would give them to my fiends and family at baby showers. I received so many rave reviews and requests for more I began selling it.

Fast forward to now and I have a (soon to be) 3 year old boy and am 29 weeks pregnant with my second boy. I used all my natural products with my first son and absolutely loved them as much as everyone else who tried them. So, naturally, I am in the kitchen mixing up some more for the new baby to arrive….. and for my sister (who is due at the same time as me) & our cousin due just about a month before us!

Check out the links below on what I make and gift out.

  1. Baby Bottom Fresh Baby Powder
  2. Lavender Baby Oil
  3. Baby Bottom Cream
  4. Booty Wipes



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